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my name is Christoph. My wife Ulrike and me want to invite you to sail the legendary spice route with us!

Our Malay "Perahu Besar" (big boat) is one of a kind in South East Asia!

1979 I came to Pulau Duyong (island Duyong) from Germany and asked the local craftsmen to build me a BEDAR, the original Naga Pelangi.

As the first indigineous Malay junk to finish a circumnavigation, this bedar had proven the seaworthiness of the traditional Malay design when we anchored again in the estuary of the Terengganu river in 1997.

The art of assembling wooden boats, this great maritime heritage of the Malays seemed on the brink of loss then: Of the more than 30 yards thriving in 1979, only a few had survived by 1998.
I sold my first boat and decided to build the new Naga Pelangi in an effort to revive and perpetuate the tradition.

We combined the looks of old with the basic luxury of today for you to enjoy your time on this painstakingly hand-crafted vessel. Sit back and relish the amazing scenic beauty of South East Asia while we gently glide over the water to exotic destinations.

Enjoy the privacy of a customised cruise while captain and crew cater to your wants and needs. A wide range of destinations from the Andaman to the South China sea, from Thailand to Borneo is available. Do you have a special occasion to celebrate such as honeymoon, anniversary or other memorable event?

Whether you prefer adventurous sailing, sightseeing of historic seaports, meeting exotic cultures or choose to lay back on pristine beaches, diving and snorcheling in secluded bays of remote islands, we will use our experience and knowledge to meet your expectations and make it all happen.

always smooth winds from behind
Christoph Swoboda

The BEDAR Naga Pelangi, 1998